USBC Mission: The USBC is the National Governing Body for Bowling. Our mission is to provide services, resources and the standards for the sport.

USBC Vision: Our vision is to continue to be the leading authority to the sport, servicing the needs of bowling.

USBC Promise: Our promise is to celebrate the past, be mindful of the present and ensure bowling’s future through thoughtful research, planning and delivery.

LAUSBCA Hall of Fame

Gerard Biron

Gerry Biron was inducted into the Lewiston Auburn USBC Association's Hall of Fame on November 14, 2015.

Steven Dubuc

Steve Dubuc was inducted into the Lewiston Auburn USBC Hall of Fame on November 8, 2014. Steve has worked with the youth bowlers for many years having served recently as the youth association president and continues to manage the youth travel league. Steve has also performed as a bowler himself bowling in the Industrial Park league.

Michael Edgecomb Sr.

Mike Edgecomb was inducted into the Lewiston Auburn USBC Hall of Fame on November 8, 2014. Mike has served as league secretaries for many years as well as serving on the LAUSBCA Board of Directors.

Tom Giberti Sr

Tom Giberti Sr was inducted into the Lewiston Auburn USBC Hall of fame on November 9, 2013. Thom has served faithfully as the association vice president since the merger as well as the LABA president prior to the merger. Thom also has served as the president of the Northwood Park league on Monday nights for many years. On the lanes, Thom has turned in two 700 series and registered a lifetime high season ending average of 197 in the 2011-2012 bowling season while bowling in the Northwood Park league.

Joan Goulding

Joan Goulding was inducted into the Lewiston Auburn USBC Hall of fame on November 12, 2011. Joan has been bowling for more that 25 years and has established the association record for a game by a woman with a 299 score. Her on lanes accomplishments include being an all star team member 6 times and having the house high average in the 1993/1994 season. Off the lanes, Joan has served as a LAUSBCA board director as well as being a league officer and a delegate to the state association meeting. In tournaments, Joan has placed first in each of the 4 categories at different times through the years

LAUSBCA Hall of Fame:

1976Robert Hood
1976Will Simard
1977Maurice Luce
1978John Ayotte
1978Paul Boothby
1979Terry Audibert
1979Anita Rylander
1979Alfred Ouellette
1979Ernie Paione
1980Regis Bourgoin
1980Vincent Wills
1980Terry Wailus
1981William Smith III
1981Dorsey Rouse
1981Gracia Pellerin
1982Bruce Pinette
1982Thelma Henthorn
1983Real Ruel
1983Walter Atkins
1983Pat Charest
1984Gil Vailancourt
1984Gordon Stevens Sr
1984Ellie Douglas
1985John Mathieu
1985Bert Louis Godin
1985Anna Dube
1986Edwin Leger
1986Harold Bickford
1986Jo Hannon
1987Ron Giasson
1987James Williams
1987Georgi Baril
1988Walter Bubier
1988Carl St.Amand
1988Liz Murphy
1989Goff Cloutier
1989Maurice Potvin
1989Renee Bosse
1990Robert Roy
1990Richard Cote
1991Rodney Cameron
1992Norman Lafontaine
1992Sandy Lachance
1993Steve Crossley
1993Roland Grondin
1994Maurice Dubuc
1994Richard Peters
1994Anne Lafontaine
1995Dennis Lafontaine
1995Anita Morin
1995Janet Lausier
1996Robert Tremaine
1996Glenn Burroughs
1996Noreen Tripp Holt
1996Gloria Beers
1997Roger Perreault
1997Sue Smith
1997Venise Leger
1998Eugene Dunlap
1999Janice Grondin
2000Aline Hodsdon
2000Rebecca Hart Pepin
2001Bea Mathieu
2001Roger Charpentier
2002Scott Moore
2002Cathy Dunlap
2003Janine Champagne
2006James Goulding Jr.
2008Deb Edgecomb
2009Judy Marshall
2011Joan Goulding
2013Tom Giberti Sr
2015Gerard Biron

Members inducted into Maine State Hall of Fame

John Ayotte
Vincent Wills
William Smith III
Dorsey Rouse
Bruce Pinette
Norman Lafontaine
Roland Grondin
Rodney Cameron
Eleanor Douglas
Robert Tremaine
Noreen Holt
James Goulding III
James Goulding Jr